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#No.1 Accounting CPD/CPA Recruitment

  • Please call us, and we will introduce you to our job candidates who are well versed in accounting.
  • You can directly check job seekers' resumes firsthand from our WEBSITE free of charge.
  • Database of 5,000+ candidates specializing in accounting!
  • THB39,000/fixed price #result-based payment
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3 Features

No.1 Accounting Personnel Database

The staffing agency specializing in accounting and finance that can select the job candidate that you need from our carefully-selected database. You can find a wide range of human resources immediately, including those who can work for accounting x general affairs and those who can work for accounting x secretary as well as CPD and CPA qualification holders.

Candidates can be contacted directly.

Our service is not limited to the introduction of the most suitable people to you by our agents upon receipt of your e-mail or a telephone call! When you register with, you can view the resumes of all candidates free of charge and contact these candidates directly. Our agents also support you for recruitment.

Low service fee

Fixed price of 39,000 baht !!/ result-based payment. By eliminating wasteful operations and expenses by application of IT and labor savings, we can introduce talented candidates at an appropriate price. We aim to be the price leader in the industry.


Database of 5,000+ candidates specializing in accounting.


You can check job seekers' resumes unlimitedly without charge.

How to use our services

Plan 1

Ask our agent for details about recruitment service by e-mail or telephone.
E-mail : [email protected]
Phone:06-5240-4645 (Japanese)
Phone:02-007-5671 (Thai)

Plan 2

Search for job candidates in the website by yourself.
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(Register within one minute with no registration service fee)

Service fee

  • ฿39,000 THB /fixed price
  • Result-based payment
  • Due for payment within seven business days from the date of employment.
  • If our candidate does not fulfill their service satisfactorily during the probation period (maximum of 3 months), we may send you a replacement at any time.

JOBS LABO Recruitment co,.LTD

#No.1 Accounting CPD/CPA Recruitment

Websites that allow your company to contact applicants directly

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Detail of services


Please provide the following information when requesting our agent for recruitment service details by e-mail or telephone:

Email:[email protected]

  1. Industry
  2. Position
  3. Job description
  4. Salary
  5. Workplace
  6. Accounting program
  7. Language
  8. Qualification: CPD, CPA
  9. Required business experience

Searching for candidates in our website by yourself:

Step 1 Register your company at

Step 2 Search for qualified candidates on the main page

Step 3 Check the resumes of interesting candidates

Step 4 We prepare a letter of invitation if you wish to have an interview with a candidate

Step 5 You confirm the letter and send it to the candidate

Step 6 Wait for the candidate to reply

Voice of a customer

Company I (Japanesetrading firm) recruited personnel directly at

We are a company with about eight people. Thanks to Jobslabo’s services that are different from those of other job search engines, we could largely reduce the time for recruitment, as they allowed us to set the detailed criteria for searching accounting skills by which we could narrow down candidates and contact them directly. We are satisfied with Jobslabo’s follow-up service that is not available on other job search engines, such as their staff check that the candidate will come to interview on the appointment day.

Company O (UK consulting firm) recruited personnel directly at

We used to feel that recruitment through staffing agents was troublesome because they contact us more than necessary, or we need to change the date of the interview through an agent. After registering with Jobslabo, which my acquaintance recommended, we found it easy to use, as I was able to contact many candidates directly at once and inform them about any change of the schedule, allowing me to avoid wasting time waiting for their response. It was also good that we were able to schedule many interviews without worrying about the cost because Jobslabo’s service is based on result-based payment.

Company S (Thai construction firm) recruited personnel through our agent

We found a candidate immediately after we requested the recruitment service by phone. I think Jobslabo’s service costs less and is better than other agencies.

About us

We are a staffing agency based in Bangkok, Thailand.
We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on the following three points:

  • 1

    No.1 Human resource database

    We specialize in accounting and finance. We carefully select and introduce candidates with a higher level of expertise. Accounting covers a wide variety of matters in terms of the qualifications that a person holds, accounting systems available, operations, and responsibility. While some companies seek a person with deep knowledge and experience, some SMEs want a person who can handle a wide range of operations. JOBSLABO holds a database of a wide variety of human resources, including CPD and CPA holders, as well as candidates who can work for accounting x general affairs and suitable for accounting x secretary. By limiting our service to the accounting category, we can assess the abilities of candidates and introduce you to a person who can fulfill your needs. Our service also helps reduce the time, effort, and stress for the recruitment process.

  • 2

    You can have direct contact with preferred candidates

    In addition to introducing the right people by e-mail or a telephone call, we offer a service to let you see the resumes of candidates on WWW.JOBSLABO.COM unlimitedly and free of charge, as many as you want to see and whenever you want to see them. Instead of simply waiting for a resume from our agent, you can contact an interesting candidate directly. Our service allows you to have an aggressive approach to recruiting. In addition to avoiding wasting time, you can expand the choice of candidates by using our database of more than 5,000 candidates. Both registration fees and royalties are free of charge. We charge you only when you decide to hire our candidate.

  • 3

    Low staffing service fee

    • Why do we feel that staffing service fees in Thailand are high?
    • Why are the fee structures of all agents similar to each other?
    • Why does nobody try to change them?

    JOBSLABO was launched to take on the challenge to answer these three "whys." We have simplified the business flow by using IT and reduced operating costs by opening up our human resources database to clients. The consequential reduced cost is reflected in our service fee.

Jobs labo recruitment

Right Candidate, Right Skills


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We are the price leader in staffing services.

JOBS LABO is a specialist finance and accounting recruitment agency  in Bangkok, Thailand.


Staffing agency number: 1308/2562

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